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David W Edwards is putting 30 years of experience with computers to 21st century use. The fundamental question to ask is what you want to use your computer for? [there was a typo that said ‘sue rather than ‘use’. Suing is a thought but if you’ve ever read the TOS(Terms Of Service) issued by Apple, Google, Microsoft and the like you will have seen that these mega corporations are only suable by another mega company or a supra-state such as the EU with a war chest at least as big.]

The average domestic user only actually wants to be able to do a few things yet buys, or rather is sold, a general purpose machine that purports to be able to do everything at the speed of light.

What do you want to use your computer for?

Since one of the weaknesses of Windows is that the software supplied and then added as you install whatever comes on the CDs/DVDs supplied with the hardware you have bought is that your system can become so loaded that it is too busy to get round to actually doing anything for you (you may think that constant disk activity is normal – it need not be). I have heard of people being told that the computer is so clogged up that it it must be thrown away and replaced. This is of course nonsense. If it is physically clogged then all it needs is some cleaning as over time the air cooling vents for the fans are blocked by dust and all the other detritus in the air of the average home or office.

If it is an older machine, logical, as opposed to physical, de-clogging will be best achieved by replacing the current operating system with one better suited to the hardware you have. This will be explained carefully and you will need to copy your critical data to CD/DVD or USB drive. I will advise and then supply the Linux operating system that best bridges the gaps between your hardware and your expectations.

I make no claims to specific Windows or Apple expertise so if you want your machine to stay with Windows or Apple because the software you use is only available on a Windows or Apple platform, I will recommend a Windows or Apple expert who can best meet your needs. I will never hazard your machine and data by attempting something I have not done myself.

My skills are logical rather than physical so I will not take your machine apart but instead refer you to an organisation that I know to have the requisite physical skills. (Birmingham screwdrivers have their place in the pantheon of essential tools but only as a Final Solution for confusers.)

I will not sell you anything although I will point you at the suppliers I have found to be reliable and good value for money and who deliver what you have paid for when expected.


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